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We Are Makers

Edition Two

Edition Two

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Dive into the world of craftsmanship with Edition Two. This independent publication is a treasure trove of inspiring stories that showcase the remarkable talents of makers from around the globe. Discover the journeys of artisans like Mr. Pickles from Suffolk, UK, Struthers Watchmakers from Birmingham, UK, Link Collective from Tokyo, Japan, Fjak Chocolate from Eidfjord, Norway, Tobias Heldqvist from Sosdala, Sweden, and many more!

Edition Two is a testament to the timeless nature of our editions. Regardless of whether you own any copy of We Are Makers, each edition stands on its own as a source of inspiration while harmoniously complementing the others. Collect and cherish these editions as they come together to form a cohesive celebration of craftsmanship.

Printed by Pure Print in March 2021, Edition Two boasts 208 pages filled with incredible content. Immerse yourself in the profiles of 50 talented makers and be captivated by their unique stories and creations. To ensure an uninterrupted reading experience, Edition Two is free from any distracting advertisements.

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