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Edition Five

Edition Five

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Uncover a world of inspiration with Edition Five, an independent publication that beautifully showcases the stories of makers from around the world.

Within Edition Five, you'll encounter an eclectic mix of talented makers, each with a unique story to tell. With Magnus Vartdal from Norway, Wayward Trading Post from Pennsylvania, US, Veskor Cassiopeia from Germany, Cornish Woodsmith from Cornwall, UK, and many more remarkable artisans gracing its pages.

Just as with our other editions, Edition Five stands alone as a masterpiece while seamlessly harmonizing with the others and future editions to come.

Printed by Pure Print in September 2022, Edition Five brings together 224 pages filled with incredible content. Delve into the profiles of 45 talented makers and let their stories ignite your imagination. And, we extend a special thank you to Rubio monocoat UK for sponsoring Fox and Monkey's story in this edition.

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