About Us

We are Kate and Jack, two passionate individuals who have made it their mission to amplify the voices of makers artists, and craftspeople around the world.

Check our our journey so far below!

We first met

August 2011


Kate and I met at University, both studying product design we met in the first few days and became great friends, which of course developed into life partners.

Travelled to Norway

January 2014

Hands On

For 6 months in our third year at university we were offered the opportunity to travel to Norway to a university there. A university kitted out with the latest and greatest workshop equipment. Here Kate studied furniture making, and I (Jack) studied metalwork and blacksmithing.


September 2015

Bachelor and Bachelorette

Kate and I both graduated with Bachelors (With Honours) in product design. Ready to take on the world.

The Job Market

October 2015

We Make

I (Jack) was offered a job in Film, designing and building special effects rigs down in London. Kate stayed at home on her family farm and pursued her love for furniture, designing and making a range of beautiful furniture for children.

Kate founded We Are Makers

May 2019

The Journey Begins

After years of building her furniture business and later taking on Jacks leather work business Kate was still frustrated by how difficult it is for makers to tell their story in a world with shortening attention spans and a reliance on short form digital content... We Are Makers was born.

Edition One

September 2020

It took all year

After a whole year of researching how to launch a magazine, speaking with printers, curating makers, employing designers and copywriters... Edition One of We Are Makers was launched.

Edition Two

March 2021

On a roll

After a successful launch of edition one we felt we were on a roll. We had a product and it was in the hands of over 2000 enthusiasts around the world. Time for Edition Two. Following our previous format we started making tweaks and improvements.

Edition Three

August 2021

Still on a roll

Much like Edition One and Two we improved for Edition Three. Not much happened outwith the development for the magazine. We were growing a strong social media following for the work we were doing and Kate and spending every day and night building her magazine and network in the magazine space.

Our First Documentary Flilm

Novemeber 2022

Putting our hard earned cash to use

Jack was still working in film full time at this point and the success of edition one, two and three sales meant there was some budget to spare. We put this budget to good use and launched our first documentary film. something we hope to do more of in the future.

Edition Four

March 2022

Finding our feet

By this fourth edition we were really finding our feet. our micro team was putting in maximum effort and maximum dedication to brining you makers stories.

Edition Five

August 2022

Hand made all round

Edition five is and was a fan favourite with unique crafts from countries all around the world.

Launched a Podcast

September 2022

Wales Trip

We Launched our podcast with some much needed time away from the desk. A quick car trip down to Wales we worked our way through 5 amazing makers.

Edition Six

March 2023

Our friend Tim

With our new friend Tim Cullen the pen maker taking the cover with an amazing We Are Makers dedicated custom pen we got on the plane to the USA to hand deliver this edition and receive our world class pen.

America Road Trip

March, 2023

4500 miles

we travelled 4500 miles from Atlanta GA to Houston TX visiting 32 makers in 35 days along the way. we discovered craftspeople, showcased their work, made memories and made friends for life.


July, 2024

Pivoting to beat the rising postage prices

To combat the rising costs of postage we moved our mag from 200 pages twice a year to 124 pages 4 times a year. Why? because this is now posted as a large letter not a small parcel as it was before.

Edition Seven

August, 2023


Our new quarterly format made for some key benefits faster turnaround, and the opening of subscriptions for the first time.


November, 2023

3 countries, 13 makers.

We made our way through Europe starting in Amsterdam after a ferry from the UK and making our way through 3 countries and back via the eurotunnel.

Edition Eight

November, 2023

In your mail, effort free.

Our second quarterly edition. the first edition our new subscribers will get without even having to think about it. it will just arrive in the mail for them. Filled with our usual array of inspirational makers stories.

Our New Website

January, 2024

A place for all things making!

We are doing more than ever. And building relations all around the world. Of course this meant we needed a place to put all of these conversations. and a place to reignite the previous interviews and stories we had featured. WeAreMakers.info is it.

We Are Here

February, 2024


Edition Nine

Our ninth edition, our third quarterly edition, the culmination of 4.5 years work lead up to this point and in many ways it feels like we are only just getting started.