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We Are Makers

Edition Seven

Edition Seven

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Welcome to our first quarterly edition of We Are Makers!

Within this edition, we have collected the stories from twelve incredible makers. Hailing from Australia, we feature the incredible journey of Doug and Danika Aplin, a husband-and-wife team who own D&D Letterpress (thanks to them for the front cover picture!), Travelling across continents to Tennessee, USA, we encounter Liam Hoffman, a passionate bladesmith who discovered his love for blacksmithing at the young age of 13. Venturing into the picturesque town of Blonay, Switzerland, we discover a gifted crafter who creates awe-inspiring ships in bottles for clients around the world. Our journey also takes us to Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, where we meet a talented wood carver specializing in chip carving and relief carving. With a background in the military, this individual is transitioning into pursuing their art full-time.

128 pages printed by in the UK on high quality paper stock. 


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Customer Reviews

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I really enjoyed learning about others that make things. The variety is excellent.


Simply love looking through these journals in the evening in front of the fire. I get lots of inspiration for my own work and often find things to help my students at school.
The photography, presentation and content is outstanding.
It’s interesting how many of the people featured have gone through or are going through struggles with their craft but also wellness. Being creative often helps people overcome these dark times. These journals lift my spirit and creativeness. Thank you so much.


I purchased as a gift for my son - he does some blacksmithing and is interested in lost trades.
I was particularly interested to the see the article re the letterpress business in Albury, Australia - very close to where I live.


I love getting your Book, and seeing the new selection of Artists.! Can’t wait for the new edition.!


Issue 7 was my first subscription issue after reading and enjoying a couple of purchased back issues namely 2 & 5.
Initially surprised and slightly shocked at this thinner than previous issues, however it is now quarterly rather than bi-annual so not a problem.
As with previous issues it gives a good account of each maker’s journey to market, reassuringly similar so a good indication and motivation for those makers at earlier stage.
The one article I had an initial problem with was the slightly advertorial article on Johnstons of Elgin, a corporate manufacture as opposed to individual makers, however it provided a different insight into a tradition skills industry and a way of persevering older skills albeit as an employee rather than a self employed maker, but it’s saving grace is that it supports a community very much in the way mills etc did in the early days of industrialisation, in the same way as as Salts Mills in Saltaire, Bradford and the chocolate makers did such as Caburys and Fry’s.
I eagerly await the next issue and look forward to how this magazine develops has it is a far better vehicle for Crafts and making than the crafts councils publication which has long since lost its way.
Well done and keep up the good work we are makers