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Edition Six

Edition Six

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Discover the world of craftsmanship with Edition Six. This edition takes you on a journey, showcasing the talents of artisans from various corners of the globe. From a skilled saddler in Alabama to a master stone carver in Somerset, and from a quaint paper mill in South Australia to the creators of handcrafted furniture in Pennsylvania, each story is brimming with insights and inspiration.

With brand-new layouts and more in-depth interviews, Edition Six offers an enhanced reading experience. Immerse yourself in the makers narratives and be inspired by the passion and creativity of the featured artisans.

Each edition stands alone as a masterpiece while harmoniously connecting with the others, allowing you to explore the world of craftsmanship from different perspectives.

We extend our appreciation to Rubio monocoat UK for sponsoring Nick James Design's compelling story in this edition.

Printed by The Manson Group in September 2023, Edition Six boasts 192 pages brimming with captivating content. Immerse yourself in the profiles of over 30 talented maker. And to ensure an uninterrupted reading experience, Edition Six is free from any distracting advertisements.

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