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Edition Three

Edition Three

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Within Edition three, you'll encounter a metal sculptor in Western Australia, breathing life into scrap metal with mesmerizing animal sculptures. Explore the craft of a visionary couple near Glasgow, UK, who handcraft exquisite sunglasses. Delve into the world of a talented willow weaver in Worcestershire, UK, whose contemporary baskets blend functionality and beauty effortlessly. Marvel at the unique jewellery creations meticulously crafted by a skilled jeweller in Belgium, using recycled silver and gold. And discover the artistic endeavours of a glass artist from Vancouver, Canada, who manages the renowned 'Terminal City Glass Co-op' and its 180 members, all while producing stunning glass art.

Edition Three is a testament to the diversity of crafts and the extraordinary individuals behind them. Unveiling the stories of 51 exceptional makers across 224 pages, this edition is a wellspring of inspiration for enthusiasts of any craft. No matter your passion, you'll be captivated by the boundless creativity and awe-inspiring creations that await you within these pages.

Just as with our other editions, Edition Three stands as an independent masterpiece while harmoniously coexisting with pervious and future editions. Each edition is a gateway to discovery, offering a unique perspective on the world of craftsmanship.

Printed by Pure Print in September 2021. With its 224 pages brimming with incredible content, it is free from any distracting advertisements, allowing you to delve deeper into the stories that fuel your imagination.

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