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We Are Makers

Edition Four

Edition Four

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Discover the narratives of artisans like Kalthoff Axes from Sweden, Lefner Editions from Los Angeles, Zoe Wilson Carving from Hampshire, UK, Velentin Felder from Germany, Ruth Osborne Art from Northern Ireland, and a host of other remarkable creators.

Edition Four exemplifies the timeless nature of our editions. Regardless of whether you one copy or several, each edition stands independently as a source of inspiration while seamlessly harmonizing with the others. Collect and cherish these editions as they come together to form a cohesive celebration of the artisan world.

Release Date: March 2022
Page: 224
Makers Featured: 47 talented makers

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Customer Reviews

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I ordered abroad, from the United States, and my order still has not been delivered from where the delivery is from, (from what impression Scotland?), WeareMakers has left me disappointed with how unorderly they are with online ordering. I used the tracking app that they recommended and within days of purchase the app said that it was delivered. Even though the threshold was within weeks of purchase because of international delivery. The order was in placed on August and still has not arrived which is now November. I’m not sure how the refund policy operates, I still would like to be a proud owner of a couple of their book copies but am still disappointed with the fact that my purchase was not properly delivered within the month that was supposed to arrive. The purchase was a present and as a buyer, I feel cheated my over $60 that I have used for WeareMakers products.


This is a beautiful publication! I love the texture of the paper in the photos are fantastic. Well written, and I’m enjoying continuing to read about the different artists and the like! Very pleased with my purchase!!

Fantastic publication

What I really like about these publications is they arrive promptly and well packaged so no damage.
The quality of the books are top notch!
Most importantly for me is the message that the book conveys, they showcase small businesses and tell there stories of how they got started or are getting started and how they are progressing in the world of the small business sector.