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4x pcm Makers Story Ad Banner (48 yearly)
2x pcm Guest Article Ad Banner (24 yearly)
2x pcm Down to Business Ad Banner (24 yearly)
2x pcm Newsletter Ad Banner (24 yearly)
1x pcm Website Ad Banner (12 yearly)

Quarterly with thanks page logo (4 yearly)
Quarterly sponsor a maker advertorial (4 Yearly)
Quarterly full page print advert (4 Yearly)

2x pcm Instagram post  (24 yearly)
2x pcm Youtube post (24 yearly)
2x pcm LinkedIn post (24 yearly)
2x pcm TikTok post (24 yearly)
2x pcm Facebook post (24 yearly)
2x pcm Twitter post (24 yearly)
2x pcm Threads post (24 yearly)

4x pcm Podcast Ad  (48 yearly)

Total Yearly Content = 360
Cost per piece of content = £26.60

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