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Docuseries BTS Photobook

Docuseries BTS Photobook

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Introducing our Limited Edition Photobook: A Glimpse into the Making of "An Honest Representation of the Modern Maker"

Step behind the scenes and immerse yourself in the creative process with our beautifully designed limited edition photobook. Created by the talented Tyrone Stoddart, this 96-page photobook offers an intimate look into the pilot episode of our captivating documentary, "An Honest Representation of the Modern Maker."

Within its pages, you'll find a collection of behind-the-scenes images that provide a unique perspective on the featured makers and their craft. From Arra Textiles to The Marchmont Workshop and Cecilia Stamp Jewellery, this photobook offers an exclusive glimpse into their worlds, allowing you to witness the dedication and artistry that goes into their creations.

Captured by the skilled lenses of Robbie Tighe and Tina Sorensen, the photographs within this photobook perfectly encapsulate the essence and energy of the documentary's pilot episode. Their artistic vision brings the makers and their stories to life, evoking a sense of inspiration and connection.

Printed with the utmost care and attention to detail by Pure Print in the UK, this limited edition photobook ensures the highest quality and presentation, matching the standards set by our acclaimed publication.

What makes this photobook even more special is that all proceeds from its sale will directly fund the production of the next episode when we come to do it. By purchasing this photobook, you not only gain a remarkable piece of art but also become a valued supporter of our documentary series. As a token of our appreciation, your name will be included in the credits of the upcoming episode, cementing your role in our creative journey.

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