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We Are Makers

We Are Makers Subscription

We Are Makers Subscription

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Love Makers Stories?
Love Inspiration? 

Your going to want a subscription to guarantee the latest copy as soon as it come out! 

No initial payment, Just enter your card details so we can add you to the billing cycle and we will charge you when the latest edition comes out. 

Our Subscriptions packages are your only way to guarantee your copy and to dodge any future price hikes. 

Edition Eleven: 1st August 2024
Edition Twelve: 1st November 2024
Edition Thirteen: 1st February 2025

And so on.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sandra Whitney
Best magazine.

I original subscribed to Series 1-6, especially 6 as Ben Geisler was featured in it. I am his moderator on TikTok and wanted to read his story, but it became much more then that, I love all the other creators, artists, craftsmen and women, etc.. I plan on having every issue if I'm able to do so. Highly recommend and a must have for your book collection. Best regards, job well done, look forward to more. Bless everyone at We Are Makers.

Lee Ernst

I like having a subscription so it comes automatically. I don't have to order each time a new edition comes out.

Excellent magazine for makers

Each edition contains great articles covering a wide range of makers from across the globe. It provides a fascinating insight into what drives and inspires these artisans. Excellent photographs illustrate each story. Even though I am very unlikely to ever build a tiled stove I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article.

Rene Bregeon
Essential publication made even better

Received my first subscription issue the other day, and it completely validated why this is such a good I'd forgotten it was due :-). Of course, I've bought every single issue from day one, but now I get the bonus surprise of future issues just dropping thru my door, and a guarantee I will never miss out on a future issue. It works perfectly, as you'd expect. Thank you Kate and Jack, you're the best!

Damian Keeley
Inspiration to do something different

These wonderful case studies show that it IS possible to be creative in a non traditional or non corporate role, crafting by hand, digitally or as a fusion of the two. It exudes hope that there is another way and a sustainable way and that it is democratically available to all who dare to tread the path. Glorious publication, in full coulour, with a texture that only a genuine print run will have. It feels reassuringly heavy. It’s beautifully arranged… and it’s chock full of other people’s proven ideas that will fuel your own fledgling ideas like wildfire. Absolutely wonderful.