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We Tell Makers' Stories

We Are Makers is a coffee table magazine that celebrates the stories of makers, artists and craftspeople from around the globe.


Rated 5/5 by our readers


A Quarterly Coffee Table Magazine.

We choose to collect these makers stories in a beautifully curated coffee table magazine.

Why? We want these stories to be appreciated time and time again. The stories in our magazine are here to stay, they are detached from the algorithm and wont get lost in the noise of the internet. Nor will you whilst reading.


Kate and Jack Lennie.

For the past 5 years we (Kate and Jack) have dedicated our every waking moment to telling makers stories. Why? to get makers, artists, and craftspeople the recognition they deserve.

In doing so we hope to make a positive difference to the creative economy and introduce creative livelihoods to the masses.



Telling makers' stories irrespective of language barriers, their location, or nationality gives us the ability to bring you a huge range of creatives.

We have featured makers from 41 different countries and personally travelled to 8 different countries and 7 states. Sat in over 80 workshops and spoke with countless makers across almost every timezone.

This is a world of creativity detached from distraction. Your chance to find uninterrupted inspiration.




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"It has never been more important to support makers as it is now. In a culture cuffed to mass manufacture, we risk loosing the skills and magic that independent makers bring to the world."

Kate & Jack