Who still buys physical magazines?

This week we asked our community, who still buys physical magazines and if they do, who do they subscribe to and why?

Print just looks, feels and smells better. There is a sense of attachment to it that just isn’t there with digital
— @p42ker

To start, why did Jack and I embark on the journey of creating a printed publication? Because print provides an experience that transcends simply reading content online. We believe in the power of storytelling and the significance of the stories we share. By embracing the medium of print, we aim to offer makers a unique platform that stands apart from the constant hustle and bustle of the online world. Our printed publication allows readers to engage with our content in a more immersive and tactile way. It offers a respite from the screens and distractions, inviting individuals to indulge in a slower, more meaningful reading experience. Moreover, we recognize the importance of fostering a sense of value and permanence in the stories we tell.

We Are Makers

By bringing these stories to life on paper, we honor the craftsmanship and dedication of our contributors and provide a platform that showcases their work in a tangible, lasting form.

We were thrilled by the high engagement we received from all of you on social media. Your participation inspired us with an idea. Your voices and opinions hold immense value to us, and we are committed to providing a platform for you to express them because they truly matter.


Why do you still buy printed magazines?


  • I subscribe to World of Interiors ... I need a break from screens sometimes, and I like to see the homes my glass might go into - @glassartbylinda

  • I always buy the physical printed magazine if I subscribe. For me it’s about sitting down with a cuppa and relaxing with a good magazine. You don’t get that feeling on a computer or your phone. Currently I love “In her studio” - @studiojules65

  • Definitely for publications like yours. I like to have something beautiful and tactile in my hand, and leaf through it. It’s also a living room item - people like to pick it up and browse, and it’s a brilliant conversation starter - @matthew_macindoe

  • The quality of images, articles and the weight of holding a physical object! @curiousclaredesigns

  • Magazines journals are tangible: the quality of the paper is all important for the tactile experience. And I can then take them to students to extend their research - @imomills70

  • There's a physical experience in reading a 'real' magazine (or a book) that you just don't get with a digital version... From the smells of ink and paper to the joy of turning a page, turning down a corner or just putting it down and picking it up again. No batteries or power required, no harsh light, no need for ongoing digital subscriptions or storage... Nothing to go wrong! - @saracbowen

  • I buy physical copies when travelling, they are still best for bright sun light and no need for batteries - @workshopshed

  • Because it's easier to read magazine sized format than tiny phone screens - @daymolar

  • I buy Philosophy now and cooking magazines, there really is nothing quite like printed paper - @phillippawalterart

  • To give as a gift - can’t beat the printed version! - @deeski118


Has this inspired you to go ahead and buy an indie publicaton?! #printisnotdead

Some print magazines that our community subscribe to, maybe you may find your next favourite subscription?!


  • We Are Makers (obviously…)

  • Uppercase

  • World of Interiors

  • Standart

  • Pressing Matters

  • The Simple Things

  • The Modernist

  • Fretboard Journal

  • Ernest Journal

  • 91 Magazine

  • Frankie

  • Oh Comely

  • Red

Why do you still buy printed magazines? Let us know in the comments!

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