Edition Six

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Coming March 2023

Why didn't we initially create an online platform for people to discover these fantastic creatives globally? Anyone can scroll or take a screenshot on their phone, but if you pull out a book and sit down, you're immediately immersed in what you see. We wanted it to stand alone as its own product; a physical book you can return to repeatedly. The We Are Makers publication is structured in such a way that forces discovery; you may look at ceramics on one page, but on the next page, you see a textile designer, illustrator or shoemaker. Each edition is long-lasting, and many of you keep your editions and proudly display them in your home, workshops, cafes and communal areas.

We have published five beautiful high-quality editions, with the sixth coming in March 2023. We ship all across the globe, and we stock in independent shops in the UK, Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia (view our current stockists) Our readers are makers, independent and creative businesses, consumers interested in the creative industry and schools.

We are so excited to bring you another beautiful and inspiring publication this March! As always you’ll find a variety of stories from makers across the globe, including Trail’s End Saddle Shop, Dejan Art Sculpture, The Memorial Workshop, Theo Rooden Handwoven Art, 50gramsofsilver, Contour Map Collection, Hooligan Georgia, Winterhager, Empire Copper, Ruttloff Jeans and many more!

Many thanks again to Rubio Monocoat for sponsoring another maker in this edition - Nick James

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Kate & Jack

Trail’s End Saddle Shop

“As a craftsperson, part of you lives in everything that you make. And knowing that there’s only so much of this I can do, only so many saddles that I can produce, makes it better, I think.” - Ed.6

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