2023, a year for travelling and sharing stories.

This year, Jack and I have decided it's a year for a lot more travel. 

We launched We Are Makers in September 2020, when the world was still, and nobody could travel. 

As many of you may have seen via our socials, our European trip was a huge success. It proved to us how vital these podcasts are and the difference they will make in sharing these incredible stories globally.

We have talked to many makers worldwide over the past three years, and a considerable amount of that has been from emails or zoom calls. This year, we plan to travel and document our meetings and conversations via podcasts and more digital content alongside our growing publication!

We started our year with a local podcast with Siobhan Mckenna, who owns ReJean in Glasgow. You'll recognise her from Edition One! "The mainstream denim industry is toxic, wasteful and exploitative, but there is another way. ReJean Denim is an ethical fashion brand crafting gender-neutral jackets and accessories from 100% reclaimed materials" See our conversation via our podcast below.

We are flying to Turin this Friday, the 20th of January, to drive to a village called Les Alberts. We are meeting with Andy Carr of Spoon Customs; you'll recognise him from Edition Two (he builds award-winning cycle bikes one at a time). Andy now lives in Surrey, England, but this village, Les Alberts, is where it all started for him. He invited us to stay with him for a few days and to do a podcast. Head over and subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch our conversation when it’s available!

We Are Makers is heading to the USA! We are also planning a one-month trip to the southern states of America this March! Jack and I are both 30 this year, and we have talked about doing more travelling, so we've decided to make the most of it. We are starting in Atlanta and ending in Dallas, Texas. Having reached out to a few makers, they are delighted to welcome us into their workspace to do a podcast with us. From hat makers to saddle makers to furniture makers to breweries!….. If you are between Atlanta Georgia & Dallas, Texas, send us a message, we’d love to meet you if we can.

Watch this space!


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